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Apologies to Stephen Drew

Apologies to Stephen Drew,

I hardly knew ya

I wanted to bench or perhaps platoon ya

But you were hitting .202


You had a brother J.D. Drew

Toiled five years on the Boston crew

Except for April, May and June

When his back was out of tune

Occasionally he could be spry

But that was only in July

Or when the stars aligned just right.


I figured it was only deja vu

When you went down like brother Drew

Your active days in spring were few.

The coming of Iglesias I  knew

Portended ill for the likes of you

So I dismissed another Drew.


The Red Sox had a vision true

Of a healthy Stephen Drew

And hitting seventh, who knew

Your timely swings would save this crew

When hitters five and six were overdue.


You could hit with power, too

In August saved the Beantown crew

With timely homers, not a few

And flashed a glove with ground ball glue

A shortstop with a swing, it’s true!


I regret remarks undue

Of the second coming of J. D. Drew

Of unfair comparisons with Iglesias, too

Of thinking a shortstop could never brew

What the so-called sluggers had failed to do.

For remarks that made you deja vu

I apologize, Stephen Drew










The latest insult to Pedro Ciriaco is the signing of the fragile Stephen Drew. One Drew drawing disability on the Red Sox payroll was not enough, they had to hire his brother. Yes, J.D. Drew is now only a memory, but how soon we forget! The reputation of  the Drews is that they are talented hitters and fielders when they are healthy, but how fragile that health!

I have campaigned for the elevation of Pedro Ciriaco, since his dazzling performance at Spring Training, 2012. He was a terror on the basepaths, a skilled bunter, and a clutch hitter, traits in short supply on the current Red Sox roster.  Only Ellsbury can wreak as much havoc on base, and Ellsbury cannot bunt with consistency. So there is much to like in this hustling infielder.

So his numbers tailed off in September. Who on the Red Sox was playing well in September? If there is a curse lingering on the Red Sox, it is sordid September, the month of disappointments.  Lift this curse and everyone will be playing better.

If there is a hesitation about Ciriaco, it is his work in the field.  The Red Sox have a perfect late-inning replacement with Jose Iglesias, who needs some seasoning as a hitter.  Both players could feed on each other’s strengths if they played together. Why the Red Sox will not trust Ciriaco as a starting position player mystifies me.

If the Sox let Ciriaco go, they will live to regret it. He will come back to torment their catchers stealing bases and bedevil their third baseman with his bunts. Give this young man a job!  He is an offensive weapon that is scarce on this team. Let him play!