About ypsilantibill

I was born a Yankee fan, but you can’t
choose where you’re born. I loved the Yankees in the ’60’s,
especially Mantle, Ford. Berra, Richardson, but the ’70’s was
a different story. After the third hiring and firing of Billy
Martin, I adopted the Red Sox in my new hometown Randolph,
MA. I moved to Michigan in 1993, but brought the Red Sox with
me. Read Stewart O’Nan and Stephen King’s “Faithful” and
dreamed of Spring Training. Realized the dream in 2005 and
again in 2007. Today my wife and I celebrate every Sox visit
to Detroit with a 2-3 game splurge. The Sox never disappoint
in Comerica Park.


Baseball, dogs, teaching and writing,
reading Ron Suskind, Roger Angell, Anne Lamott, and Young
Adult Fiction