Lopsided on the Right

Now that the Red Sox roster is set, does it worry anyone that they have no left-hand hitters in their starting line-up besides Big Papi? O.K. Pablo Sandoval is a switch-hitter, so that makes two. Brock Holt and Daniel Nava are left-handed, but they sit on the bench. Where is the left-handed arsenal?

We know it’s a pitcher’s game now, so whatever we can do to cut down that advantage should be done.  If we could stack a line-up against Hideki Tanaka or Chris Tillman or Corey Kluber, it might give us a fighting chance. These frontline pitchers have always given the Red Sox problems, and without a solid number one pitcher to oppose them, it becomes more important to have the batting percentages in our our favor.

Of course if Mookie Betts and Hanley Ramirez continue to hit with confidence, maybe they will make us forget about the lefty swinger. Maybe the Sox have a juggernaut in this line-up, which will defy the percentages. These are the unknowns at the outset of the season. This lefty obsession could prove silly.

Still you can’t help but wonder . . .


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