What do you do with seven outfielders, all but one out of options, and maybe two of them could substitute at first base? No, you can’t keep them all, Ben. Share your toys, what do you say? Set these sticks free to swing for other teams.

I can’t help but feel the Hoarding Dragons, uh Red Sox, want to figure out how to keep all these guys under contract at once, so if Victorino goes down, then Craig goes down, then Nava has to pay first base, they still have a $72 million free agent to plug the hole with. And since arms and hamstrings have been unraveling like unseamly baseballs in Spring Training this year, perhaps you can’t blame them.  They had this catching thing all figured out, then look what happened.

The unspoken issue is that two of these veterans have bodies way past their warranty. It is not a question of if, but when they will break down. Of course, I refer to Shane Victorino and Allen Craig who have probably never played a full season of baseball, certainly not in the last five years. To keep each of these guys on your roster, you need a doppelganger who can leap into the fray as soon as his alter ego goes down. And they probably can not be each other’s doppelganger, because they could easily founder within two days of each other.

So with Victorino starting, we have to assume Craig is on the trading block. It’s painful to contemplate, because he is just getting his beautiful swing back. He is one of baseball’s true clutch hitters, along with Big Papi, and it would be great to have a right/ left clutch hitting tandem.

But as we all know, you can’t have more toys than you can store in your closet, and the Allen Craig clutch swinger does not quite fit up on the shelf with the Rusney Castillo hell-raiser. One must be discretely offered to your friend with too many pitchers in his bullpen.

Can Cole Hamels come out to play?


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