Sluggers from Sesame Street

Live at Fenway Park!  Mookie, Panda, Xander, Hanley, Rusney, Pedey and Papi. It’s bad enough John Farrell and his mentor Tito Francona had to add a “y” to every Red Sox player’s name, but these guys come with their own monikers from Sesame Street. Fine, they have a first baseman named “Mike” and a catcher named “Christian,” but they’re just foils for a zany group in this edition of the Red Sox.

How about a double-play combination of Panda to Pedey to Papi? Can you say that one fast? How about Bogaerts to Pedroia to Napoli? Could they be a pirate crew? It tickles the whimsey to think of such combinations.

It’s hard to hate a team that leads off with Mookie, Pedey, Papi and Panda. If they drill your pitcher, you have to grin and say, “Oh you guys are just full of mischief! Don’t score too many runs now.” Along comes a bearded pirate named Napoli, his first mate Rusney, his second mate Xander,  and his bo’sun  Velasquez, and you’ve got  pitchers walking the plank. What a fabulous crew!

I can’t wait for the first time Don Orsillo has to say, “And Mookie and Pedey  score on a single by Papi and a double by the Panda.” Say what? Who’s on deck–Bert or Ernie?

Fortunately these guys play Kenmore Square, not Sesame Street, and they bang the Monster, instead of passing him cookies. Hopefully we can trust them to strike fear. not amusement, in the hearts of pitchers. We ‘d rather not say, “This inning is brought to you by the letter ‘K’.”


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