Stockpile Revisited

Ben Cherrington’s protestations to the contrary, the Red Sox have to make a big deal before Spring, merely because they are overloaded with Big-League outfielders. And they have always gone to Spring Training with a surplus of pitching, not a surplus of outfielders. Here are the actual Big League outfielders on their roster.

  • Jackie Bradley, Jr.
  • Mookie Betts
  • Rusney Castillo
  • Allen Craig
  • Daniel Nava
  • Hanley Ramirez
  • Shane Victorino

You might send Jackie Bradley back to Pawtucket, but the rest of these players have to play in the Majors next season. If the Sox start the year with an outfield of Ramirez, Castillo, and Victorino, with Betts in reserve, that leaves Nava, Craig and Bradley to deal, all bonafide Big League starters.

Garin Cecchini is an infielder whose time has come as well. His name is mentioned in possible trades. With Brock Holt as an all-purpose substitute, Cecchini is less likely to make the squad in the spring.

So where is this talent going to play come March? Hopefully with some team that has a number 1 starter to deal. The Red Sox just need to match their talent with another team’s needs. It’s all about supply and demand.

When you have this kind of supply, you don’t go out and buy another free agent (e.g. James Shields), you make a trade.  Find a match, Ben!


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