Dealing from the Top of the Deck

So the three Jon’s, Lester, Lackey, and Gomes are gone, and the Red Sox will now rebuild with Cespedes, Craig, and Kelly and a cast of Minor Leaguers still unproven. it is a wrenching experience, but when you think about it, Lester and Lackey are the winners, because they are going to contenders, both of whom made multiple moves to improve their competitiveness.

The Red Sox had to do something with this punchless line-up, because it had become painful to watch. Night after night men stranded on base, striking out on pitches out of the zone, pounding double play balls into the turf. It felt like Sisyphus in re-runs, pushing the boulder half way or all the way up the hill and then running to avoid it crashing down on you. Lester and Lackey can be grateful to go where runners don’t die on base.

The Red Sox must believe in the talent of their young arms to deal their best pitchers off the top of the deck. They have DeLaRosa, Workman, and Webster holding down the rotation and names like Anthony Ranaudo in AAA. Maybe they’ll re-sign Lester in the fall. Stranger things have happened.

Good-bye to the catalysts of 2013 and hello to the next generation of sluggers and starters.


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