Who’s Proud of Dempster?

Not me. The beaning of Alex Rodriguez shows that the clean players in baseball want to make the dirty ones suffer. In his entire career I have never felt sorry for Alex Rodriguez before Sunday night. I did feel sorry for him, because he wanted to play despite his transgressions and Dempster and the Red Sox wouldn’t allow it.

This also says something about how I feel about hitting a batter to make a statement. There is no reason for a pitcher, who has a weapon, to attack a batter who is standing at the plate unprotected except for his helmet. To me it is a coward’s statement to throw at a batter. To say it is part of the game shows that the game has some growing up to do.

The savvy and wise will speak of the unwritten laws of fairness, and managers like John Farrell will insist, contrary to all evidence, that it was only a strategic pitch inside. It was what it was. Rodriguez, for once, was standing at the plate following the contract supported by the Players’ Association, and he was targeted three times with a baseball. That’s weak.

I was not proud of Dempster and the Red Sox on Sunday night. They may have made a statement, but making it with a ball that can maim a player is poor sportsmanship, Major Leagues or not.  Let the players who think this is a travesty say so, as John Lackey did on Saturday.  The rest of you shut up and play ball.


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