Darned Sox

Events have conspired to bring Jose Iglesias back to the parent Red Sox team and relegate the hapless Will Middlebrooks to the disabled list. Not the way I hoped to see the return of Iglesias to the Majors, but the line-up has been shuffled and David Ross is back from the disabled list. Defensive-minded position players like Iglesias and Ross can darn these Sox.

The presence of Iglesias in the infield will close the holes that magically opened in May.  There will be less demanded offensively of his position, even though he will probably hit better than the benighted Middlebrooks. The offense will produce from the top of the line-up, if the Sox will play their OBP boys there: Pedroia, Nava, Napoli, and  Ortiz. Ellsbury should be part of that formula, if he finally has hit his stride. Jonny Gomes remains a spare part and should not be hitting second with an average south of .200. Mike Carp might be the surprise of the spring with his timely hitting and he presents no liability in the outfield.

Without so much as a glance at Friday’s game with the Indians, I can predict the Red Sox will play the solid opportunistic game they played in April, but with Ortiz to add RBI’s.  Darned good fielding means Sox darned well.


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