Legends on the Rise

The Red Sox are now writing their own legend for the 2013 season, because the naysayers have risen to immortalize them.  Jack Morris, from his seat high up in the Rogers Center, asserted that Clay Bucholz was throwing a spitball Wednesday night.  Then on Thursday, with his powers of observation honed to supernatural acuity, Morris the Cat  claimed that Junichi Tazawa was throwing one, too.

No doubt the fact that the Blue Jays had scored two runs in eighteen innings had some rejuvenating power on his eyesight.  No doubt the Jays’ current residence in the cellar of the American League East inspired the notion that somebody must be cheating.

Yet Bucholz had already dazzled the second place Yankees with a similar array of pitches. If there was any funny business going on, do you think the Yankees would have missed it or the opportunity to mention it?

Still when a visiting team threatens to dominate the local entry, something must be done. Jack Morris pulled out the spit ball card, not once, but twice in a week.  And we thought Curt Schilling had too many  unequivocal opinions.

Really it’s an honor to  have your team’s integrity questioned by the announcer for a contending, yet blundering team, because it gives your team more credit than they deserve.  Rather than blaming the home team, he weaves a conspiracy around the visiting team. Apparently all the home team needs to rejuvenate is a series against a team that throws mostly dry fast balls.

Rather than blaming the flightless Jays Morris had to use the “S” word, so now opposing pitching coaches will be standing on the first step of the dugout with binoculars, and umpires will be inspecting the ball before throwing it back to the Red Sox pitchers, and rain delays will be called prematurely to prevent the moisturizing of the baseball when the Sox play.

Baseball teams hailing from Boston are not used to this kind of respect toward their pitching staff.  The last time the Sox were accused of delivering a spitball, it was a legal pitch. So leaving Toronto with a cloud of accusations following after them is a rare privilege. The pitching staff has to be great to earn it.

The Red Sox are now perched at the top of the league and in the sights of every conspiracy theorist and alibi weaver.  Thanks to Jack Morris, the 2013 Red Sox are writing their own legend.


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