Ciriaco hit a three-run double in the sixth, then reached on a hard shot past third that was ruled a two-base error before being changed to a double. He stole third and continued home on a wild throw by catcher Russell Martin in the seventh.

Finally Pedro Ciriaco! Playing second base late in the second game of a day-night doubleheader, Ciriaco also hit two doubles and took two bases on a steal and an overthrow. Double your pleasure!

Gee, if he had only played this way in Spring Training, the Red Sox might have thought of bringing him up, instead of the anemic hitting Punto.  Let’s see, what was his record in March? Three months ago I wrote,

Ciriaco, on the other hand, has led the Red Sox in hitting. Sunday he stole his way to third base before scoring.  He brings just the right amount of havoc for the Sox to pressure their opponents in the late innings.

This sounds so much like the Ciriaco on July 7, wreaking havoc on the Yankees. Could they be the same ball player?  In that same blog post I predicted a more unpredictable Red Sox offense, if only they would bring Ciriaco north.  Valentine seemed to promote the aggressive base-running and bunting game that Ciriaco could offer.

But no, after having the best offensive Spring in camp, it was back to Pawtucket, and the versatile veteran, Nick Punto, came to Boston . . . to hit .198!  To be fair, Punto had two hits and an RBI in Saturday’s game, his eighth RBI. Ciriaco had four RBI’s in his only game in Boston.

So, could we keep this guy on the team at least while Pedroia is disabled? Could we pull up the sagging Sox with some strong legs? Let him lead off and terrorize our opponents from first base. Let him wake up the slumbering Sox!

Viva Ciriaco!



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