The Return of Ciriaco

With Dustin Pedroia headed to the disabled list (aka “the  once and future starting line-up”), the coming of Pedro Ciriaco could be imminent []. This could be a turning point in the Red Sox drive for fourth place.

Ciriaco was my favorite performer in Spring Training, as I blogged on April 2.

He hits, he fields, he bunts, he steals bases, and he works hard. What else do you need to know? He has indeed played left field, so he can be a fifth outfielder until Crawford returns to active duty.

I was trying to sell Ciriaco to Bobby Valentine, but if Bobby had been following my blog, he was making a good show of ignoring it. He sent  Ciriaco and Lars Anderson down to Pawtucket,  members of the well-known “delayed, but not denied” club.

O.K., Bobby, enough delay. Ciriaco is a “make-things-happen” player, who bunts, steals, and takes the extra base.  You expect excitement just from his  stepping up to the plate.  The Red Sox can use this kind of instigator with Ellsbury on the DL and Nick Punto hitting less than his weight.  The Sox  cannot depend on home runs for their total offense if they are going to make a run for the American League East.

Bring on Ciriaco! He’s got the stroke, the stride, and the startling moves to stimulate the stagnant Sox!


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