A Message of Interest and Importance

Who remembers this line: “We pause in this thrilling episode for a message of interest and importance”? If you’re not a Baby Boomer, you won’t know this one.

Good for Gordon Edes and Nick Weber, bringing us “a message of interest and importance” with their  profiles of Cody Ross and Ryan Sweeney. Credit is due to those who attend to promising news, instead of clubhouse rumors and gossip. Let’s hope we have heard the last of the “blather” (“Bulletins and Blather” 2/29)

When you consider the medically challenged J.D. Drew replaced by these two outfielders, they will have to be an upgrade in right field. A healthy Drew contributed clutch hits during his remarkable hitting streaks, but both his health and his streaks had become faded memories by the end of 2011.

Both Ross and Sweeney report to Spring Training strong and healthy, which ought to qualify them for high honors immediately.  With Crawford coming to camp with wrist problems and Ryan Kallish requiring spring rehab, the presence of two healthy outfielders is welcome.

Neither of the two newcomers comes with the enormous expectations placed on Crawford last Spring.  They both can field their position, Ross can hit with power and  Sweeney can hit to the gaps. No one expects them to anchor the middle of the batting order and neither has Gold Glove expectations. With a strong batting order in the first six positions, the Sox just need someone to keep a rally alive or have a good at-bat.

Thanks to Edes and Weber for covering a real story and introducing us to some new talent on the roster.  How about some of the same on Jose Iglesias?


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