Table the Tek-nicalities

Apparently Jason Varitek misjudged his marketability when he decided to file for free agency in 2008.  And apparently the Red Sox overestimated the availability of catchers when they started negotiating with Steve Boras.  So the parties have arrived in January with nothing but embarrassment to show for their Winter’s labors.
On the balance sheet for 2009 many baseball fans can sympathize. Items we imagined as “assets,” such as real estate, are depreciated and immovable.  We are not bargaining for anything except to break even and survive our economic winter.  Some are bargaining just to hold on to those assets until another Spring Training.
So we feel your pain, Red Sox management and disgruntled catcher. We get that no one’s going to win on this negotiation. Do you? Can you just scale down your expectations like the rest of us? Can you complete the roster and be glad you have an experienced catcher and a satisfying job respectively? 
We’re not asking a lot of 2009: a job, a house . . . a shot at the World Series. Help us make a piece of that dream come true.



  1. juliasrants

    I think the blame for this one falls squarely on the shoulders of Tek & Boras. If Tek had accepted arbitration he would be $10-12 million richer right now. I think the Sox were surprised when he didn’t accept it. After this deal finally gets done – the first thing Tek should do is FIRE Boras!

    Welcome to MLBlogs! Stop by for a visit!


  2. ypsilantibill

    I admire Julia’s blunt analysis of the Varitek negotiations. I even wonder if Boras wanted to shaft the Red Sox for calling his bluff in the Texeira talks.
    He sounds like a real vampire.
    So my appeal is to cut out the vampire and let the parties talk like mortals who don’t fear the sunrise and are glad to deal in broad daylight.

    I enjoyed a trip to Julia’s Rants (the shopping photos were in perfect taste), but I wasn’t allowed to comment.
    What’s up with that, Julia?

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