With the signing of John Smoltz (Bravo Theo!), the Sox are nearly ready for another year of contention.  The remaining business has been sitting on Theo Epstein’s desk since the season ended: the of signing Jason Varitek.
Considering that Scott Boras represents Tek, and the Red Sox walked away from the table when he tried to squeeze them with Mark Texeira, I can imagine what the obstacles are. But Jason Varitek is more important than his impudent agent.
So I make this appeal to the principals: Remove the middle man and settle this contract as two old friends would. Give a little on each side and make this contract a sign of respect from both sides of the negotiation.
Tek, your active years as a catcher are waning. Concede that the length of the contract  should be moderated with incentives or options that prevent the Sox from getting stuck with a lame veteran.  Loyalty is one thing, but guarantees that don’t  concede the ravages of time on a catcher’s body are not realistic . Give your team a way out.
Theo, this man is the soul of your team. He’s the captain, for Pete’s sake.  Let’s show him some respect and take  a risk that we wouldn’t take for other players. He deserves some concessions that Ramirez or Crisp never earned.  He deserves some security as a catcher who is on the downside of his career.  Offer one more year than you feel safe in writing into the contract.
Of course I know nothing about what’s been offered and what refused. I’m just saying, don’t let this season start without Varitek, and, don’t, by any means, let Boras come between friends.
We love Tek as much as we despise his ruthless agent.  We want him back, and we want him respected.
Viva Varitek!


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