Texeira Trauma

I was deflated to see the Yankees swoop down and sign Mark Texeira with their typical thunderstorm of cash. Texeiria had the talent and the personality to fit in the Red Sox’ line-up. Boston would have embraced him.
But I’ve also had the uneasiness that the Red Sox, after signing Matsuzaka and winning a second World Series, would become the new “Team-We-Love-To-Hate,” because they had bought themselves a championship.  The Yankees were pathetic enough to yield the title and let the Red Sox take the flack.
All that changed in December, because the Yankees couldn’t resist the hubris of out-signing every other Major League team and walking away from Las Vegas with huge winnings or, more accurately, huge purchases.
Now the Red Sox should show the Bronx Billfolds how a team should be built by signing Jason Varitek and Kevin Youkilis to sane, but generous contracts.  These guys embody the spirit of Red Sox Nation and will keep reminding us why the Red Sox deserve respect, rather than envy or resentment.
Another starting pitcher wouldn’t hurt, though, Theo!


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